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wood wool slab decking for flat roofs

wood wool slab decking for flat roofs

a4 pdf l - hambleside danelaw

the roof decking is to be of sound condition. surface to be dry free from debris oil grease and ... all membrane flat sheet is to be laid with the high adhesive (matt finish surface) up. 3. insulation ... woodwool slab deck- warm roof typical detail db na nts a4 hdl na 01 wwdeckwr 09.10.2015.

what is woodwool and is it safe? - sustainable build

the most common use of woodwool is in packaging although as with your prospective house it can be used in a range of building products too ranging from the slabs you mention to slabs to be used in decking insulating boards and even roof slabs.

confusion with wood wool slabs | stramit (strawboard) | isurv

stramit can be confused with wood wool slabs which are wood shavings bound in cement (as opposed to straw bound in paper for flat roofs). for more information see wood wool slabs or cement board. if strawboard has been used as a decking material (without a paper binding) the texture of...

roofing - mastic asphalt council

wood wool slabs roof decks of wood wool slabs should be formed from slabs conforming to type sb of bs 1105:1981 (1994)not less than 50mm thick with a pre-screeded surfacefixed in accordance with the wood wool slab manufacturer’s instructions. pre-felted wood wool may be used to provide temporary weather

woodwool slab deck - dryseal roofing

home > products > woodwool slab deck. wwdeckwr. woodwool slab deck. installing the dryseal flat roofing system on a woodwool slab deck with a warm roof build up. specification. made from: grp. downloads. pdf wwdeckwr drawing dwg wwdeckwr drawing contractors; case studies ...

icf floor & roof systems – insulated concrete deck and ...

icf roof system applications for icf floor forming panels . by using the highly insulated eps-deck floor system construction professionals can easily and cost effectively build a solid load bearing flat or low slope reinforced concrete roof structure with inherently high insulation values ideal for finishing with a green roof system.

woodwool slab deck - hambleside danelaw

woodwool slab deck. installing the dryseal flat roofing system on a woodwool slab deck with a warm roof build up. specification. made from: grp. downloads. wwdeckwr drawing pdf wwdeckwr drawing dwg quick links: danelaw pitched roofing; zenon rooflights; dryseal flat roofing ...

flat roof deck types & design guides - bauder

deck types for flat roofs. materials used for the roof deck should be selected from those listed in the latest version of bs 6229:2003. it is important to refer to this document for design guidance but for convenience the various materials are outlined below: ... the surface should be wood float finished and the slab allowed to cure ...

garden pvc decking install steps in qatar 14 | seven trust

installing a deck on a flat roof - composite decking deck roof onto one of these surfaces applies to a seven trust deck. inverted roof system many of these roof systems ha . wpc interior wall panel. ... wood deck - wood deck boards latest price manufacturers find here wood deck wood deck boards manufacturers suppliers and exporters in india ...

7.1 flat roofs and balconies -

construction details of flat roofs and balconies. this appendix contains the most common details in flat roofs and balconies. the details are typical and variations for different roofs are indicated beneath each sketch. however not every aspect which needs to be considered is necessarily shown. concrete deck. upstand - concrete deck

wood wool slab decking for flat roofs | seven trust

woodwool slab decking for flat roofs - . flat roof deck types & design guides - bauder. the surface should be wood float finished and the slab allowed to cure thoroughly and dry out to provide a suitable surface to osb used for flat roof decking should be type osb/3 or osb/4 conforming to bs en 300:1997.

wood wool slabs | acoustic woodwool slabs - panels for walls

wood wool slabs are tested and china standard classified b (fire resistance) equals to en 13501. sound absorption performance woodwool slabs have a very good sound absorption performance because the open surface structure allows a high level of sound absorption.

woodwool slab 600mm x 1200mm - ecomerchant

woodwool technical data. ionic woodwool is a building board suitable for carrying lime or clay renders and plasters. it is made from mineralised fir wood giving a board that is breathable rot resistant and durable. for detailed guidance on application please contact ecomerchant. general guidelines for application include;

wood wool insulation: advantages properties & prices

the stable wood wool boards can especially be used as a roof underlay or as a finishing and insulation material for floors walls and flat roofs. it is easy to cut the flexible wood fibre boards to size and to apply them between the rafters of a roof (or another beam structure). wood wool: sustainable production process

code of practice - lrwa | liquid roofing and waterproofing ...

flat roof construction may be of in-situ or precast concrete metal decking timber or steel rafters all of which may ... • wood wool† (wood fibres held by cement in an open celled board) ... loose laid tiles or decking. this code of practice only covers waterproofing applica-tions. aesthetic coating systems may follow most of this -

greenspec: housing retrofit: concrete flat roof insulation

in the case of a flat roof moist warm air rises from the room below into the roofing fabric where it risks condensing on the underside of the roof decking/ water-proof membrane. ceiling mould caused by condensation • part of the successful design of a flat roof is in preventing such a condition from occurring.

deleterious materials in construction - designing ...

deleterious materials in construction. ... residual leaded exhaust particle contamination can also be found in floor ceiling and roof voids. working with lcms creates a 'significant' exposure risk ... wood wool: slabs are often used as permanent formwork and left as a ceiling soffit.

wood-wool slabs decking archives | specifile

products & services. roofing. wood-wool slabs decking

roof decking woodwool - barbour product search

roof decking woodwool in barbour product search the fastest route to the right product.

woodwool -

woodwool is a man-made board material about 50 to 75mm thick comprising shredded timber bound together in a cement paste. it was used generally during the 1960s to provide insulation often at roof level and as a permanent shutter to in-situ concrete.

woodwool slab decking for flat roofs

woodwool slab decking for flat roofs - . flat roof deck types & design guides - bauder. the surface should be wood float finished and the slab allowed to cure thoroughly and dry out to provide a suitable surface to osb used for flat roof decking should be type osb/3 or osb/4 conforming to bs en 300:1997.

ty-mawr lime - sustainable building materials for ...

ty-mawr wood wool boards have been used in buildings for many decades and have proved to be a very popular product as a lime carrier over the 10 years in which we have been promoting and selling them for use with our products. they are strands of wood bound together with minerals.

b.kay insulations (india): standard wood wool boards(slabs)

in our product range we offer fire-resistance-rated" boards slabs standard wood wool structural insulation boards slabs coloured roof tiles high-density boards/slabs and thermal-insulation boards/slabs. furthermore we offer standard wood wool insulation boards/slabs hollow block exhibiting inner core sloped roofs bus terminal seychelles.

wood wool cement board - the concrete society

hence wood-wood slabs are currently little used in the uk for permanent formwork. wood-wool has become a generic term. many product variations exist which use cement lime or gypsum to bind wood shavings wood chip or other wood fibres to form a composite board. each type will have its own properties.

u-values for common materials

reference table for "u" values "u" value is the coefficient of transmission i.e. the transmission of heat through the materials which compose the building's "envelope" or outer shell. "u" value has an inverse relationship to "r" value. for example a building with material with an "r" value of r-11 converts to an "u" value of 0.09 ( 1/r or 1/11 = 0.09).

roof decks a to z part vi: structural cement fiber

boards slabs panels tiles and planks there are really only two types. for unifor ... as “excelsior” “wood wool” and “american moss.” supplied in bales this component is also used for shipping packing and for ... roof decks a to z part vi: structural cement fiber ...

different roof substrates / jj roofing supplies

different roof substrates. this entry was posted on january 21 ... osb or timber boards although concrete wood wool slab or profiled metal can also be used. ... well-seasoned solid softwood timber boarding is a traditional deck material and can be used as a flat roof deck to receive a variety of flat roof finishes.

fixings into woodwool/cement slabs | diynot forums

can anyone suggest the best way of fixing new metal roofing sheet system onto an existing woodwool/cement slab roof deck? (10 deg low pitch roof) will they take some type of coarse threaded screw or expanding plug or is the only way hollow/cavity fixings right through the slabs?

woodwool roof decking slabs? | diynot forums

woodwool roof decking slabs? discussion in 'roofing and guttering' started by zeberdee 11 oct 2007. zeberdee. ... yes for sticking insulation to concrete deck it did what it said on the tin. ... insulate flat roof only on single skin outbuilding? a546345 ...

a wooden type roofing - useful roofing ideas

a flat type roof is basically a lower raise roof as well as determined within bs 3589 about the angle in 10° or lower toward the horizontal. basically the incline regarding the roof is controlled on the kind of finish in which is to be employed upon the roof. the purpose regarding all roof are: to keep away the snow dust particles winds along with rain water.

bituminous flat roofing underslating & shingles

prior to venturing onto the roof look for evidence of sagging leaks condensation or decay from below and/or overlooking windows. if the decking is visible from below test the integrity of the deck by pushing from the underside with a blunt pole. chipboard particleboard wood fibre and woodwool decks are particularly vulnerable to decay.

membrane roofing for flat roofs | overlay flat roofs with ...

there have been many instances where new materials have been laid on old only to find that the roof deck has an inherent problem that requires a complete uplift and re-deck and re-roof. one of the problems with a flat roof is “out of sight and out of mind” and as a consequence building owners will invest more heavily on the interior than on ...

re-covering bitumen felt flat roofs: (february 2013)

3 how flat is a flat roof? the formal definition of a flat roof is one whose surface is at 10 degrees or less to the horizontal although in the building industry there is a tendency to call any roof with a membrane roof covering a flat roof. an angle of 10 degrees equates approximately to a fall of 1 in 5.7 which is fairly steep.

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