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should you stain tongue and groove pine boards

should you stain tongue and groove pine boards

selecting the right wood finish | the craftsman blog

oil finishes. while an oil finish doesn’t really add a protective coating on the wood like the other finishes we’ve been discussing it does protect the wood in other ways. oil finishes penetrate deeply into the wood and slowly harden and strengthen the wood from within which provides protection from water and other spills.

how to stain pine paneling | home guides | sf gate

pine paneling comes in a variety of styles. a style common in mid-20th century homes is tongue-and-groove knotty pine. newer pine paneling styles have a flat surface or a pronounced v-groove.

how to finish a tongue & groove ceiling | ehow

that is why it is critical that you stain the wood of a tongue-and-groove ceiling before it is installed. otherwise the unstained portions of the tongue will eventually become exposed creating lines of bare wood that will detract from its appearance.

ponderosa pine : bear creek lumber

« ponderosa pine interior paneling : nothing else says country living like pine paneling does. add the natural stains of blue stained pine and you have character and color in the same product. add the natural stains of blue stained pine and you have character and color in the same product.

1 in. x 6 in. x 10 ft. 3 and better blue stain wp4/#116 ...

hi sweetie it looks like this 1 in. x 6 in. x 10 ft. 3 and better blue stain wp4/#116 tongue and groove pine board is a store exclusive item and only able to be bought in a store. unfortunately we do not sell it with online stock for purchase.

knotty pine installation tips & finish with polyurethane ...

knotty pine installation tips & finish with polyurethane part 1 ... knotty pine installation tips & finish with polyurethane part 2 ... installing pine tongue and groove on the walls at my off ...

how to stain pine tongue & groove wood floors | home ...

sanding pine. even if your floor is brand new you need to sand the wood before you stain it. sanding is the most effective way to clean the surface and remove old finish and it also opens the grain to allow better stain penetration. because it is so soft pine requires extra care in the sanding process.

pine ceiling - to finish or not to finish? - canadian ...

pine will darken over time and you may prefer that. i have the same boards through the entire house and they have been there for ten+ years. the finish was intended to slow the darkening process but leave the wood as light as possible.

6 in. x 96 in. blue stain pine tongue and groove siding

this tongue and groove board is used for this tongue and groove board is used for centuries in elegant and rustic settings: paneling is still gorgeous after years of use. choose the finish to match your look paint stain whitewash or clear finishes transform the wood.

what gauge nails do i need for tongue & groove pine ...

the gauge of nails that you use for installing pine tongue and groove wood on the ceiling of your home is largely unimportant. several gauges of nails work well for this task. because the nails are all hidden in the wood it's possible to even use different gauges of nails.

make your own flooring with 1x6 pine

you have to actually sand it off stripper won’t take in out of raw wood. you can also use milk paint mixed thinner as a coloured stain as well. i use and sell miss mustard seed milk paint and it is amazing on raw wood. then you could seal with a poly coat or with hemp oil or tung oil.

wood plank ceiling: how to install a tongue and groove ceiling

unfinished tongue and groove boards installed in humid summer conditions can be an ugly mess during the dryness of winter. as the wood dries and shrinks unfinished stripes will appear where the tongues withdraw from the grooves. but if you apply finish before installation the tongues will be completely finished—no unfinished stripes to appear later!

blue stain pine | the tongue and groove store

the tongue & groove store located in beautiful duluth mn at the intersection of midway rd and hwy 53. whether you’re remodeling or building we’re your first choice for flooring ceiling & wall planking mouldings & trim hardwood lumber and more!

knotty pine paneling - tongue and groove | the woodworkers ...

the cost of knotty pine paneling is much less than traditional wood panels and you won’t be sacrificing quality either. take a look at our pine planking for yourself! you’ll be wondering what room to use our tongue and groove pine paneling in next once you finish your first project.

installing a tongue-and-groove ceiling | terry love ...

if the ceiling joists are running perpendicular to the direction you want to lay the pine just use chaulline to mark all the joist lines . finish nail on the tonques. if the joists run the wrong way you will have to put up some 1x3 lath nailers. you nail through the tongue area.

painting tongue and groove knotty pine | this old house

(reply to #1) #2. re: painting tongue and groove knotty pine. you need to use a stain blocking primer such as kilz (original not kilz2 which is worthless ) or a pigmented shellac. you don't just put one coat on you put as many as it takes to seal whatever the stain is and keep if from bleeding through.

sealing pine tounge and groove? | welcome to the ...

if you are using a flat or satin finish stir the contents in the pail every few boards....otherwise the dulling agents will settle out and you'll get a streaky looking finish. 3. once you've brushed the finish on each board go over the board with your brush all the way from bottom to top (or from side to side) without lifting the brush from the board.

tongue & groove pine paneling installation | ready pine

an air nailer works best but finish nails installed with a hammer and nail set will work too. nail at 45 degree angle into the tongue. the nail should be hidden when the adjacent board is installed. place 1 nail into each stud or joist. installation: horizontal installation: ready pine can be installed directly onto studs. this includes directly over vapour barrier and insulation (vapour barrier should be installed prior for high humidity or below grade applications).

interior pine paneling care | pine siding maintenance

the versatility of pine will surprise you and it’s possible to use our panels all throughout a home or business. if you want something that stands out that is easy to clean and that be a great investment that lasts for years then it’s time to check out the pine tongue and groove paneling from the woodworker’s shoppe.

using tongue and groove white pine for ceiling: finish ...

the pine is going to have movement no matter what you do to it but that is the beauty of t& g profiles. looks great on ceilings. if the material is being applied over existing sheetrock ceiling your in good shape for installing it unfinished just make sure you use good const. adheasive and blind nail it often: as in every joist.

what gauge nails do i need for tongue & groove pine ...

length. the length of the nails is more important than the gauge when using the nails to install tongue and groove wood. the nail must be long enough to go through the piece of pine and into the ceiling above. if the nail is too short it won't hold the pine tongue and groove securely to the ceiling.

finish/protecting pine paneling | this old house

stitchwitch123 being that the pine has been up for several years it probably has already oxidized from its original light color to a somewhat darker reddish color. if you like the color no further staining is neccessary. obviously a ceiling is not subjected to the same wear as furniture or woodwork.

staining - tongue and groove wall paneling - woodworking ...

as far as i can tell this is standard pine/softwood v-groove tongue-and-groove flooring. this or something quite similar should be widely available where flooring material is sold. exactly as the blog author stated she did it. once you find your suitable equivalent product i would suggest a few minor deviations from the process described.

tongue and groove paneling - woodhaven log & lumber

plethora of options: knotty pine cedar aspen and barn wood. when it comes to tongue and groove paneling you use in your home cabin or tiny cabin you have several paneling options: knotty pine paneling cedar paneling aspen paneling barn wood paneling. no matter which one you choose our handcrafted wood products are superior to anything on the market.

i was told i need to stain both sides of a pine tongue and ...

best answer: stain does not seal wood. it merely colors it. if you are going to seal the wood later i would do both sides now before installing. you would not need to stain both sides but seal both or none at all.

finishes for tongue and groove pine siding |

staining pine tongue and groove paneling can create a stunning effect as well. pine is a naturally softwood with a visible grain so it takes stain very well. be sure to first test your stain colors on scrap pieces of wood until you find the right shade. then apply your choice of stain with a short nap paint roller or paint pad and wipe with a rag.

tongue-and-groove wood vs. drywall ceiling

tongue and groove. tongue and groove pine ceiling is the ultimate one-person ceiling project. while the going is slow it is no problem to lift and smack single lengths of pine board into the neighboring board with a rubber mallet. you can then face-nail or blind-nail the boards. it is a completely dry process as well. no mudding no sanding.

blue stain pine- tongue and groove lumber - materials - by ...

this blue stain beetle kill pine load was milled with a flat side on one side of the boards for flooring and the reverse side is milled with a v-groove at the joint only for the car siding look. this allows this lumber to be used on walls floors ceilings or wherever else you see fit to use it.

painting tongue and groove knotty pine | this old house

our small house was probably built in the 40's or 50's as a summer cabin (900 square feet). we've lived in the home year-round for 32 years with white-washed tongue and groove knotty pine paneling in the living room as well as on the kitchen cabinets.

how to install a plank wall - tongue and groove - sawdust ...

it has a tongue on one end and a groove on the other so it fits together making perfectly tight seams (like wood flooring). it’s v-groove or beaded at the seams. it is flat on one side with chamfers (half of a v) of the ends where the tongue and groove parts fit together so when two pieces are seamed together it forms a v. or the seam forms a bead if using the beaded side.

shrinkage in a tongue-and-groove pine ceiling

shrinkage in a tongue-and-groove pine ceiling. to get a steady shrinkage rate you need to run fans to circulate the air both vertically and horizontally. there are methods of removing sections of the tongue and groove - clamping to squeeze them together and patching the sections that are removed similar to wood flooring repairs.

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