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is it ok to install deck tile over roof

is it ok to install deck tile over roof

is it ok to install a new roof while it is raining? would.

is it ok to install a new roof while its raining? it was drizzling and osb was exposed for about a half hour. ok? does felt paper have to be used under asphalt shingles; is it ok for a roof contractor to lay paper tar nd shingles on a damp roof ? is it safe to put felt paper over wet wood when building a wall with stone facade

how to install dektek tile concrete roof deck tiles over.

dektek tile is thrilled to share how to install dektek tile roof deck over epdm rubber membrane! this stunning roof deck was installed by dektek pro northern home design located in northern.

is it ok to lay down felt over wet roof decking - answers

is it ok to lay down felt over wet roof decking. rats to make their way beneath the tiles and onto the roof decking. imperfections in the decking installation or openings made for plumbing.

roof deck tiles - rooftop deck flooring rubber pavers.

roof deck tiles rooftop deck flooring rubber pavers for flat roofs. with greatmats' flat roof deck tiles create a safer more comfortable and more stylish roof or deck outdoor entertainment area with our rooftop deck tiles. roof deck tiles are available in several different thickness options all designed to created a living rooftop flooring space.

how to install epdm rubber roof - easy diy fitting.

full replacement or over boarding of a roof deck unless the flat roof is a new build you will be replacing an existing flat roof normally a felt roof such as built up bitumen or asphalt. as described earlier these substances are a contaminate to the glues used in epdm and the membrane itself with direct long term contact.

wood porch with a tile deck | professional deck builder

a schluter-ditra membrane is then installed over the hardened mortar bed prior to actual tile installation. this approach is well-nigh bullet-proof but would obviously be expensive to install.. i would—but only if the deck had a roof over it. if i were building a deck that was completely open to the weather i would follow the more.

preventing common tile roof mistakes - pie resource archive

example of correct penetration installation for tile roofs. source: concrete and clay roof tile installation manual for moderate climate regions design criteria by roof tile institute and western states roofing contractors association one roof malfunction that can be easily avoided is the occurrence of ice damming.

is it okay to insulate against the underside of roof.

the biggest thing is that it is in an unused truss attic. if i were to use the space below i'd have to put in a fire barrier. i assume thats the reg no matter how far the foam is over your head. if the roof is within 5 years of replacing i'd go with adding foam over it with a new roof on top.

is it ok to install a roof in the rain? | angie's list

dear angie: is it ok to install a new roof while it’s raining?i'm having a new roof installed over 20-year old (oriented strand board) sheathing. it started raining during the install. good news is that they did a section at a time so the osb was exposed to fairly light rain/drizzle for about a half hour before peel and stick membrane was installed.

how to replace shingles and roofing plywood | roofcalc

bulk pricing is for at least 58 sheets or 18.5 squares. if your roof is smaller than this you can still request the pro to buy 58 sheets and use what is left over for other home improvement projects. 1/2 inch – 24.85 per sheet. this is what most people use and its ok quality.

proper installation over shingles- metal roof noobie.

proper installation over shingles- metal roof noobie within the installation discussion of the residential metal roofing forum. i frequently am asked whether metal roofs should be installed on battens or direct to the roof deck. by design some metal roofs must be installed over battens some must never be installed over battens and some.

thinking about installing or replacing a slate roof? read.

slate roof central - thinking about installing or replacing a slate roof?. instructions for installing a slate roof repairing and restoring slate roofs and repairing asbestos roofs and ceramic tile roofs. here you can also find source lists for new roofing slate salvaged roofing slate slate roofing contractors and other services and.

proper way to install a second layer of roof over existing.

in this video i take show how to proper recover an old roof and make it look like it's a single layer check it out you might find useful tips for your new...

can you skin over an existing roof deck that is breaking down?

working on reshingling my roof. the roof deck turned out to be 3/8" plywood which is starting to break down due to the number of times the roof has been replaced.. can you skin over an existing roof deck that is breaking down? ask question asked 7. can we just lay a second layer of sheathing over the existing deck to stiffen things up? we.

soaking wet roof decking - jlc-online forums

re: soaking wet roof decking when we are going to felt and roof a wet deck we break out the brush torch and try to dry the deck somewhat. i know you can't get all of the moisture out of the ply but you can get a huge head start. in houston you might get jailed for this around here it's standard practice.

how to install felt underlayment for a new roof | home.

how to install felt underlayment for a new roof. and the bottom edge of the roll right along the bottom of the roof deck over the drip edge.. a cement tile roof underlay; install a metal.

can i install a new shingle roof over my existing roof?

can you put new shingles over old ones? if you know it’s time for a new shingle roof or even a tile roof on your home you may have heard that you can just put a new layer of shingles over the existing one. but is this true? in short the answer is yes but doing so may not always be a good idea. in this article we’ll explain: when roofing over your existing shingles can be a good idea

can you lay new roof shingles over old? - networx

chances are your roof structure was designed for a dead load of one layer of shingles plus extra for snow and a safety margin. installing new roof shingles over old effectively doubles the weight of the roofing so you have to make sure your roof structure can handle the extra load.

over existing decking installation | dektektile - precast.

over existing decking installation. is an elegant and innovative precast concrete decking material that is especially designed for elevated decks and roof decks. dektek’s luxury tile decking is custom-poured high-strength concrete deck tiles that support more than 1000 lbs per tile.

exterior tile over a living space?? | the floor pro community

exterior tile over a living space?? discussion in '. installed ceramic tile over a living space like on a roof or deck. barry carlton mar 7 2011 #3.. (e.g. roof membranes) and flashing details and brings liability outside the scope of the tile installation. unless the tile setter is experienced and insured for this type of work it is.

can the felt paper be wet when i shingle a roof? | ehow

roofing felt applied over a wet roof deck or shingles applied over wet roofing felt traps a layer of moisture within the roof. this moisture can lead to mold and mildew forming underneath the shingles. this shortens the effective life of the shingles and can adversely affect the roof sheathing. roof replacement is expensive.

can you re-roof over your old roof?

what’s involved in installing or replacing asphalt roofing over existing asphalt shingles? here’s a look at the considerations. if you’re thinking about replacing an asphalt shingle roof you may be wondering whether or not it is necessary to remove the old asphalt shingles before installing new ones.

install tiles - deck tile - decksgo

install tiles - deck tile job. the next step is to carefully install tiles over the bond coat. much of the tile setting technique is common to all tile jobs. but keep in mind in order to meet the standards tested for by you have to follow their instructions exactly.

flooring - tiling over rolled roof - home improvement.

couple roofing companies looked at this some suggested sealing the low areas with roof coating material with no warranty. i feel like tiling could be an inexpensive solution compared to the quotes im getting. can i install tile over this material do i need hardy board? would that be an ok solution to my ponding issue?

is it ok to install a new roof while its raining? it was.

i'm having a new roof installed over 20 year old osb sheathing. it started raining during the install. good news is that they did a section at a time so the osb was exposed to fairly light rain/drizzle for about a half hour before peel and stick membrane was installed. is that a problem? what stance do i take with the gc before the shingles are installed?

tile over torch down - jlc-online forums

i have a deck over living space and i want to add a tile deck. i have been building my house for a few years and it is now the last thing to do. what i want to do is the following: over the torch down attach hardi board with tar mixture and screw on the edge. over the hardi at the edges metal edging and ditra over the whole area. than install.

33 of your toughest roofing questions answered | this old.

to find an answer for you i called rick olson technical director at the tile roofing institute. he says that you should look on the back of one of your tiles to see if there's a manufacturer's name cast into it. if so then you can check the list of u.s. roof-tile manufacturers on the institute's website tileroofing .

installing a tile walking deck - brady roofing

by dymon brady a failed tile deck or walkway is a common occurrence. tile is very beautiful but it is not always the best choice to waterproof the outside of your home or building. up until now i have not felt comfortable installing a tile roofing deck knowing that most applications are simply not adequately […]

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