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Allied Family Physiotherapy is the leading physiotherapy and healthcare provider dedicated to making Veterans lives better! With clinics throughout Australia and with new clinics being added every year — we take pride in providing options and putting the care back into Healthcare.
We offer proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment. 

At Allied Family Physiotherapy, your health is our number one priority!

Allied Family Physiotherapy

Who is Allied Family Physiotherapy?

Directors and Founders Russell Jones and Adam Atherton began AFP together in 2016 to fill a need for many veterans and various other patients to receive world-class healthcare and to reach optimal health - instead of letting pain, deconditioning and isolation dictate quality of life.  

Russell had founded his own successful Exercise Physiology company (Active Body Conditioning) for 5 years before joining forces with Adam in a new venture.  Russell had pioneered an amazing new way of treating the veteran community and improving Physical and Mental Health outcomes for many - in over 30 sites throughout Australia.   

Likewise, Adam had already been running his own Physiotherapy health companies for 10 years (The Kingdom Health Group, Orion Family Physiotherapy, The Headache + Migraine Clinic) and then teamed up with Russell to create a genuine functioning multi-disciplinary Allied Healthcare approach.  


AFP thrives on and encourages an active approach to healthcare and encourages regular participation in Gym programs - moving well to stay well. Our multi-disciplinary care approach includes e.g. Physio sessions, Massage, E.P. sessions and Dietitian if needed….all aimed at improving physical, social and mental health…viz. the whole person.

Our Philosophy

We exist to put the CARE back into Healthcare!  Not just getting great results but creating an exceptional patient experience every time, with genuine "go the extra mile" care that treats the whole person.  It is also within a true BioPsychoSocial framework (which the science confirms is best) that we believe the best chronic pain outcomes occur.  

Our Motto

KEEP MOVING FORWARD! is our key motto which represents the attitude and also the goal for our treatment planning and our patients.  We want to help you break out of the pain cycle and the deconditioned, disempowered lifestyle and help you to keep moving forward - to walk out of pain literally and back into a full life!

Our Team

Besides all our amazing clinicians at each respective site, there is a creative and competent Leadership team at the helm behind the scenes and also at the strategic forefront.  We all have specific roles and work as a well oiled machine to bring you the very best allied healthcare service delivery.

AFP now has over 10 locations nationwide and more to come soon.  Growth and quality requires great competence, collaboration and innovation.  We are proud of our team and hope you get to meet them all one day!

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We’re here for you when you need us! Call us to schedule an appointment, or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


P: 1300 1 ALLIED (1300 125 543) 

F: 07 3319 6343

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