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Alli Grieveson

Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist


Alli Grieveson has trained and worked in the fitness industry for a number of years.  As a qualified counselor and weight loss specialist, Alli is passionate about helping her clients to achieve their goals, both mentally and physically. 

Alli’s hard working attitude and competitive drive is evident through her out of the gym activities as well.  She raced motocross for 6 years and even acquired a black belt in Karate, competing at the National Level for over 8 years! 


“It's not how hard you fall, but how well you get back up!”



Mobile:                 0448 672 638




- Weight loss management specialist
- Strength & Conditioning coach
- Certificate 3 & 4 fitness instructor
- Boxing for fitness
- Black belt in karate
- Special populations trainer
- Children and older adults trainer
- Rehab Trainer
- Strength and conditioning coach
- Qualified Counselling
- First Aid
- Sports (medic) trainer

 Personal Trainer Alli Grieveson working with the TRX Bands in the Original HIIT-Locker 2016.