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Working out with like-minded people

Working out with like-minded people

Coming to a gym can be scary, with not knowing anyone…

or thinking you are unfit, not able to keep up, you may think it is not a friendly place, or it’s your reason.

At Kangaroo Point Health and fitness we help you to reach your health and wellness goals faster, than ever with a little help from friendly trainers and staff. Giving everything to you to become your strongest and confident self, it's safe to say you're in good hands with these fitness professionals.

With a range of classes to chose from, there is something for everyone. With a HIIT style training with classes for people that have a goal in mind

New to the gym, no worries we have classes for you and trainers that can work with you to reach your goals.

With your free 3 Multi-Visit Pass, you can check out the club, enjoy one of the many group fitness classes, and chat to our friendly staff about your training goals and the gym facilities.

Simply click the button below and sign up now and get started today! We will be in contact!!